Bushcraft & Woodcraft Courses

Bushcraft & Woodcraft Courses

Bushcraft – The art of living in the bush.  With it’s foundation in survival & woodcraft but with the emphasis on long term living using skills and knowledge of the world around us.

We provide a range of Bushcraft courses to suit all tastes.

Bushcraft Introduction 
(1/2 or full day)

Come and try your hand at a selection of key Bushcraft Skills.  Based in our woodland near to Llangollen.

The format of the course will be tailored to the number of people and skill levels on the day but will be based on:
Introduction and safety briefing with Tea/Coffee
A look at the priorities of survival and how they apply to Bushcraft
A variety of fire-lighting techniques
Wild camp building (including some basic knot tying)

The full day course then adds the following:
Some camp cooking for lunch (bring your own lunch and anything you wish to cook on the fire)
A look at water purification techniques
Have a go at some wood crafts 

I like to keep the groups fairly small so everyone gets a good go at each activity so there will be a maximum of 6 attendees to each instructor with a maximum of 18 attending the day.

Bushcraft Weekend

A full weekend of Bushcraft, building a base camp and everything you need for the weekend.

Have you ever wondered how you would cope in a true survival situation? Do you want to learn and practice a range of Bushcraft skills? Well, here’s your chance:-

Your first morning will be spent learning some basic Bushcraft skills before you choose what kit you want to have available to you over the weekend. Our 8 acre woodland at your disposal with a dedicated Bushcraft instructor. We will show you how to setup a campsite and provide all your food and water needs from the land around you. Stay the night in your camp and spend the Sunday on some Bushcraft wood crafts.

Note – You will have a choice of overnight accommodation available on the day from your own wilderness built shelter or a hammock and tarp or even a tent.

Knife Forging

Your chance to make the most important tool in Bushcraft.  

Starting from a piece of steel bar you will learn how to shape the blade and tang, sharpen your knife and harden it.  Fit a knotted paracord handle and you can take the completed knife away with you ready for use.  The course lasts as long as it takes you to complete your knife, typically around 3 hours.  Courses start at 10:30 although on popular dates may be split into morning and afternoon sessions starting at 10:30 & 13:30.

Longbow Making Weekend

Try your hand at Ash Long Bow  Making. 

Starting with a split section of an Ash tree, you will start  forming your bow with an axe before moving onto a shave horse and drawer knife.  After tillering your bow you make a string for it so you can fire your first arrow before the end of the weekend.

Team Build Bushcraft

Bring along your team, whether it be colleagues, the family or just a group of friends.

The morning will be spent learning some of the basic Bushcraft skills. After lunch your group then have to decide how to divide into teams to achieve a predefined task that will require the use of all the skills learnt during the morning session.