Details of Bushcraft activities

Fire Lighting Techniques

One of the key skills for any budding Bushcrafter! Whether you need a camp fire to raise your spirits, warm your shelter, cook your food, purify your water or signal for help we will cover a whole variety of techniques for fire lighting in the wilderness.  Techniques vary from modern fire steels for those outdoor trips where you went prepared to old style flint and steel fire-lighting and even the use of a bow drill just in case you have no kit at all and must make what you need from whatever can be found.  We will look at types of tinder and different ways of laying your fire depending on it’s purpose.

Shelter Building

Have a go at building your own shelter from natural materials that can be found in any British woodland. We look at many modern shelter versions from fly camps and loue shelters to natural shelters suitable for individuals or even whole groups.  Try your hand at building a shelter and if you’re on our weekend course you can even stay the night in it.

Water Purification

You won’t last long in the wilderness without a safe source of water.  There is a wide array of equipment avaiable now to help filter and purify your water supply.  We will demonstrate a range of systems and discuss the pros and cons of each type.  You can have a go at making your own water filtration system, but will you drink what you create……


Bushcraft is all about living comfortably using the materials that can be found around you and a large part of this can mean making what you need.  We can talk about safe use of knives and show you the correct methods to use for a variety of projects.  Have a go yourself at carving an elder whistle, a spoon or Kuksa.  Select your piece of wood, create your own design and go home with something truly hand made.

Target Shoot

Although not a classic Bushcraft skill, knowing how to hunt can be vital to truly survive in the wild. Learn the basics of aiming and shooting using either our Airsoft guns or Air Rifles just to get you started.


Another introduction aimed at the improving your skill set in the field. Whether shooting traditional longbows or modern archery equipment we’ll cover all the basics to get you hitting the target.


Are you looking to book a family Bushcraft Weekend or want to choose your own bespoke course, here are the activities to choose from:
•  Fire lighting techniques
•  Fire types and purposes
•  Shelter building
•  Fly camp setup
•  Natural Navigation
•  How to use a compass
•  Natural cordage
•  Water Purification techniques
•  Camp cooking
•  Bushcraft Knife Forging
•  Spoon Carving
•  Elder whistle making
•  Kuksa carving
•  Ash Longbow making
•  Target shooting
•  Field target shooting course
•  Archery
•  Bushcraft bracelets
•  Making coke can stoves
•  Know your knots